Our organization was officially formed in 1982, as a non-profit under the Companies Act, with a desire to provide affordable housing to seniors in Alberta.

In 1980, members of the Royal Canadian Norwood Legion decided to negotiate with the Alberta Government for approval and funding of a 108-unit self-contained senior's housing project.  In 1981, the planning began and a committee of Legion members was organized.  After we officially formed our organization, we started to host casinos to raise money for our new building. 

In 1984, the Alberta Government put a hold on the funding of new units. This change did not impede our organization's desire to provide safe and afforadable apartments for low income seniors and we continue to move forward and fundraise with these goals in mind. In 1992, our vision was realized when we took over the management of then, St. Stephen's Manor, from the Alberta Government.  This was the first of our eight buildings. Since that time our Board of Directors has become a Management Body under the Alberta Housing Act and manages eight buildings owned by the Alberta Social Housing Corporation for a total of 379 self contained units for seniors who can live independantly in the community.

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